Apple Cider and Vanilla Ice Cream Pie



Lena is a place to enjoy and we all know that, in the field of pleasures, there is nothing written. Sometimes it’s about sharing a dinner with the family, sometimes with a partner; sometimes, the celebrations are in groups and for those moments we have created a specific gastronomic offer. The espichas of Lena, in Villaviciosa, are held in an immense room with two large barrels so that the guests ‘espichen’ (puncture) their own shots.

As each event is different, we adapt to your preferences and our human team is willing to advise you so that the events in Villaviciosa, become, in the hands of Lena Cider Mill, indelible memories about that indefatigable companion, cider.


Our commitment to the product is not limited exclusively to the menu, and the espichas represent a unique opportunity to enjoy an informal cuisine full of flavour in a relaxed format. That is why we put different menus at your disposal which involve a journey through our kitchen. We offer different proposals bathed by cider and adapted to the most general tastes. The most traditional is designed for the most classic palates because even the usual, cooked as always, can be splendid if the raw material is pampered, the points are worked on and the acquired culinary baggage is applied. Those who like to try new flavours, to reinvent the recipes of a lifetime with new nuances, will enjoy themselves as never before with our gastronomic spices which update, maintaining the essence, the most genuine flavour of the espichas.

Espichas Menus

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